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Sorry guys, I’ve been MIA!! I’m back for good. Can’t wait to start writing again. My next post is coming soon.


Chaos in Ferguson Missouri

I’m not sure where to start. On Saturday August 09, 2014 there was an unfortunate incident between PO, Darren Wilson, and 18 year old Michael Brown in Ferguson Missouri.  The incident left the African American teenager dead with six bullets in his body, including two in the head. Witnesses claim that Brown, was trying to surrender, by raising both hands in the air, but instead was shot multiple times. Defendants of officer Wilson claim that he was attacked by the teenager, and attempted to bum-rush, Wilson before he fired the fatal shots. For some people, the officers word is the bible, and for critics – he executed a teenager with his hands in the air. I for one, don’t rush to judgment, and I’m not fast to believe everything an officer says. I’m also very aware that witnesses are not always correct, and will say things because they don’t like police officers. We have two possible scenarios regarding this matter:

A.) Wilson, provoked or profiled Brown because he felt he could, didn’t like his reaction & shot him multiple times in broad day light.


B.) Brown, was disruptive teenager, who was a trouble maker that didn’t respect authority by challenging the officer.

Either way, there has been civil unrest in the small city of Ferguson. For over a week, there have been protest, gun fire, burning of buildings, mass arrest of protesters, including journalist and attacks on officers. There are several major allegations of racism, profiling, and the harassment of African American’s in the small St. Louis suburb.  You have a family in mourning, and a mother that is hurting deeply over the loss of a child she brought into the world. It is very difficult to bury your child. You have an officer who’s life will never be the same again. Regardless if the shooting was justified or not, taking a life is emotional wear and tear on a persons mind, and heart. Wilson, will need significant emotional support, and might not ever be stable enough to return to the streets as an officer again. The  civil unrest of Ferguson have left a deep wound across the country. I pray for a thorough and FAIR investigation, and most of all, I pray for peace in the community of Ferguson.


Robin Wiliams: Ms. Doubtfire

I will miss Robin Williams terribly. Please, reach out to someone & contact the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255.  I found myself watching this brief clip of Ms. Doubtfire on YouTube.  No one could play the part of an elderly lady like Robin could.

Rest in peace, Robin. July 21, 1951-August 11, 2014




Be Cautious of Online Dating

christian mingle.com pictureAlthough this story is kinda old, I would like for all women AND men to take precautionary measures when participating in online dating. If you meet someone online, please do not take your date to your home.  Date the prospect in the community for about 90-days, prior to bringing him/her home. While some people are genuinely seeking love, others don’t have good intentions.




A Fresh Start….

Boca Raton Beach









Hello world, I’ve been absent for a very long time. A lot has changed in my world. I’ve relocated and my life is anew. I now reside in Boca Raton, Florida. I’m surrounded by the beautiful beach, and I gloat in the attractive scenery. My place of employment has relocated me, and I m just too HAPPY




The 2013 Baltimore Murder Rate Is Out of Control

The 2013 Baltimore Murder Rate Out of Control

I am so glad I left Baltimore.  In 2013, Baltimore has seen it’s worst and highest murder rate in four years. The city has already surpassed the tally from the previous year of 219. As of today, the murder count is at 234.  We still have one day left in the 2013 year. I’m pretty sure that number will change. Check out the link, I posted above.